career suicide

When I’m asked which porn star I can most relate to, the first that pops into my head is Mitsuyasu Maeno. Many of you are probably saying, “Who the fuck is that? And is he a strong performer?” 

First of all, yes, he was a strong performer. And why him? Obviously, like me, he’s Asian. But most importantly, he was an intense, dedicated and crazy guy (who also enjoyed getting his dick sucked). 

This bold adventurer was born in 1947 and studied acting at the University of California in 1967. Although Mitsuyasu had found a career performing in softcore “roman porno” films, privately he was heavily influenced by the ultranationalist and eccentric philosophies of writer Yukio Mishima (an extremely influential novelist, playwright, actor and bodybuilder who some have called the Japanese Ernest Hemingway). On the day Mishima staged a failed attempt to restore imperial power, November 25th, 1970, he performed ritual suicide. (One thing most sources don’t mention is that after Mishima was done disemboweling himself, his second in command tried and failed multiple times to behead the dying Mishima… I guess good help is always hard to find!)

Maeno was also a devoted admirer of the right-wing yakuza boss Yoshio Kodoma. He admired both Kodoma and Mishima for their devotion to Japan and for exemplifying the nationalist spirit… That is, until Maeno, and the Japanese public, found out that Kodoma was the leading figure in bribery scandals involving the U.S. aerospace company Lockheed. (In the late 1950s through the 1970s, Lockheed officials funneled a series of “contributions” to political movers in several countries in order to secure sales of their aircraft overseas.)

This event so outraged Maeno that he resolved to kill Kodoma for violating the samurai code of ethics. Already an amateur pilot, on March 23rd, 1976 he rented a plane under the pretense of filming a kamikaze scene. However, instead of landing the plane, he flew to Kodoma’s home and crashed his plane into it, hoping to kill the crime boss. (Unfortunately, Maeno failed, and died in vain). Keiichi Ito, director-general of the Japan Self-Defense Forces, characterized Maeno as an attention whore but admitted that for a kamikaze pilot, he showed very good technical skills. Kodoma was lucky to survive this daring attack!

Before he’d taken up crashing planes into homes, Maeno had been working very hard to make it in the mainstream film business in Japan. He found it a difficult task, and soon transitioned into sex films for the venerable Nikkatsu Studios. After several years, he finally earned major billing in a successful movie, Tokyo Emmanuelle. Interestingly, in his airborne sex scene with the star of the film, half-Japanese Kumi Taguchi, Mitsuyasu actually flew the plane while fucking her! That’s my boy!

My dad told me years ago about Maeno, “Unlike the 9/11 terrorists, Maeno got his dick sucked and that still wasn’t good enough for him. Fuck him, goddamn bastard!” Dad told me to be very grateful for any dick sucking that comes along, and to always make myself useful. I’ve tried to heed his strange advice! Sure, he was a difficult father, but he really was true to himself.