it was the height of covid…

the summer of 2020. I was at loose ends, stuck in Northern Phoenix, and didn’t know what to expect. While I kept myself mentally active by reading and taking online courses, I decided one night to write down a true story about one particular graveyard shift I’d worked at Taboo Adult Video store in Seattle. Not expecting much, I uploaded it to my Instagram. The response was immediate, and surprisingly positive. Even porn superstar Asa Akira gave the story big praise. Unlike with standup, this wasn’t one of my typical pointless anecdotes. It prompted me to start thinking and writing about other “weird” experiences.

“Adult Content” is a show that presents my various life stories in and out of the world of pornography. Some funny, some sad, and some so shocking that I still can’t believe the places the business has led me to. Some of those crazy highlights include attending Ghislaine Maxwell’s verdict and sentencing, as well as the penalty ruling against Elizabeth Holmes; visiting most of Jeffrey Epstein’s properties; witnessing Obama’s first visit to The Tonight Show (where I also met Donald Trump); arguing with Mr. Curb aka Larry David; and visiting Washington, DC to assist on a book project on the sexual proclivities of terrorists.

I relate my stories with the help of illustrations, video clips and — when he’s available — my friend Teina Manu, who’s also experienced the sensual serendipity of the sex biz. Through these memories and little vignettes, I hope to expose the wild, strange and humane side of Adult Content. Enjoy!

brawl that started it all

Seattle had a robust adult scene and I was working in a popular store. I was soon educated about the business I was in when I found myself chasing a thief with a baseball bat.

curb your orgasm

What are you to do when your material shows up on a hugely popular television series? Well you talk the creator and get some answers!

hammer and the advil

Not one of us perfect.

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